Recap of IQONIQ Telegram community AMA

Date : July 26
Time : 2:00 PM CET

Kazim Atilla, Founder & CEO of IQONIQ attended the AMA along with host Vijay Kumar.

IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform which exclusively targets the “Sport & Entertainment world” The world’s first fan ecosystem…

Recap of Telegram AMA between FOHOCOIN and BITBNS.

Time : 3:30 PM UTC

Roshan D’silva and Vijay Thomas, Co-Founders of FOHO Holdings attended the AMA along with host Vaibhav Seth.

FOHO allows sharing of real estate using blockchain. In short, FOHO is building the future of shared real estate.


“Challenges are inevitable, defeat is optional.” However intense, the only direction is to keep moving forward by working together to keep the business growth moving in the right direction. Here are the updates for SPRINK ONLINE for the month of June.

Buyback on June 2:

As the situation in India with regards to COVID-19 worsens, the safety and wellbeing of our Kitchen staffs & delivery team will continue to remain our top priority.

Dear #SPRINKians,

As a deadlier second wave of COVID-19 engulfs India, workplaces and employees around the country have been in deep distress…

Introduction to FOHO COIN - Simplifying Real Estate Investment

We are pleased to announce FOHO COIN- FOHO uses Blockchain to create new avenues for Real Estate Investing. FOHO Platform lets investor buy fractional interest rather than entire portfolio or asset. FOHO Coin enables holders to participate in multiple ways in the real estate sharing economy of the future. …


"The biggest risk of all is not taking one." — Mellody Hobson

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