Introduction to FOHO COIN - Simplifying Real Estate Investment

We are pleased to announce FOHO COIN- FOHO uses Blockchain to create new avenues for Real Estate Investing. FOHO Platform lets investor buy fractional interest rather than entire portfolio or asset. FOHO Coin enables holders to participate in multiple ways in the real estate sharing economy of the future. FOHO helps in fee reduction, speeds up the processes and provides more liquidity in the Real Estate Space.

The FOHO Coin represents an economic interest in the FOHO platform whose income streams include brokerage from fractional sales of vacation homes, organisation fees from vacation Clubs operating on the platform and commissions from travel bookings from Members of the platform.

FOHO Holdings Inc, a Toronto, Canada-based company promoted by Tangentia and Tripvillas Group announces the launch of FOHO coin as a revolution in crypto realestate space. FOHO is the one that is set to innovate, disrupt and transform the game.

Why do we need FOHO in Real Estate Space ?

Stage 1- Liquidity & Portfolio sizing : Liquid as the FOHO Coin is market traded and increments in cents thus allowing investors to diversify their risk over a broad basket of properties by participating in multiple fractional offerings.

Stage 2- Diversification : Investors can build a well-diversified portfolio by participating in multiple assets spread across geographies and types of properties.

Stage 3- Better Governance of Assets : In the FOHO Ecosystem, primary important decisions - selling an asset, changing the manager and approvals of capital expenditure over 10% of the value of the property are

subject to an affirmative vote of 51% of the token holders.

Stage 4- Lowest Cost of Usage : Participating in a Club on FOHO allows the lowest cost of usage as it reduces risk and members are committed to the location thus ensuring high occupancy.

Stage 5- Wide choice : The FOHO Club model is a vibrant market allowing any Club Organiser to put together a Club, bring it to scrutiny and recruit Members. This allows members to join Clubs based on their priority for the year ahead and the destinations they want to visit. They can join as many Clubs as they want to.

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