SPRINK ONLINE-Monthly Updates : June 2021

“Challenges are inevitable, defeat is optional.” However intense, the only direction is to keep moving forward by working together to keep the business growth moving in the right direction. Here are the updates for SPRINK ONLINE for the month of June.

Revenues from Sprink boxed meals business will be directly used to burn (buyback from exchange) 2.5% of the total issued tokens (in public sales) every month. The buyback will be done every quarter at a random date (s) and update provided on social media handles. This was the 2nd Buyback of 14981 tokens, first buyback of 14981 tokens was done on Bitbns Order-book on April 29th.
This provides a direct link between Sprink offline revenue and the token and allows investors from locations where Sprink services are not present right now to benefit from Sprink business growth. This is in addition to other use cases of Sprink token listed above.

SPRINKians who missed out on Crypto Fun had a unique campaign this time. We invited users to compete in our MEME/GIF Competition. All of them who participated did a fab job. We truly appreciate the creativity and support. 3 Winners were Chosen and SPRINK Tokens were Sprinkled to the top 3 winners with Rewards upto 200$ in $SPRINK Token.
The 1st winner has been mentioned below.

Sprink Token owners will get monthly airdrop of new Sprink tokens equivalent to 1.5% of the holding per month in new tokens. Users need to hold minimum of 3000 tokens to receive airdrop tokens, hence Airdrop of 1.5% of average daily balance of May 2021 was credited to user’s wallet.
This is one of the best thing about SPRINK token, you get SPRINK for holding SPRINK. Isn’t that Great ??

Food safety & People’s safety has always been our 1st Priority & all of the kitchen and delivery team at Sprink Online are vaccinated. Special thanks to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP for executing it smoothly.
Read more about it here : Click here

For the first time in India, you can purchase food using Cryptocurrency, USing SPRINK tokens. This Process was explained clearly in the blog below.
Being Invested posted a informative blog on SPRINK ONLINE.
Read more about it at : https://beinginvested.com/sprinkonline/

1 : Buy $SPRINK Token ( https://t.co/BvLRaZ5GTP )
2 : Enter the voucher amount equivalent to $SPRINK Tokens and Get $SPRINK Voucher at 15% off ( https://t.co/pvMhbQmbKj )
3 : Enter the Bitbns Voucher Code at https://t.co/ylBNx2iZlc ( https://t.co/3GX6u0mM8X )

This is why you should subscribe for SPRINK Meal Subscription, you can do it from anywhere and get healthy meals delivered to your doorstep.
Read more about it here : Check Out the LinkedIn Post


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